Studying, studying and more studying..


Hello everyone ! I hope you guys are doing fine ! I’ve just been my usual self, leading my uneventful life at home with my books and lecture notes, these days ^^
Finally, the pictures from this week are out ! It was pretty experimental for some of them (that I’ll post later on 😉 ) but it was fun, it’s always nice to try out something different !
Talking about Christmas inevitably means that you’ll have to worry about gifts, at some point. I find it harder every year to find nice and useful gifts for my loved ones. Especially for guys (may it be dad, boyfriend, best friend) because if they do need something, they’d usually get it themselves before you have the chance to think about it…
For girls, it’s easier, let’s be honest ! If some of you still need ideas (or you just want to make a gift to yourself), you should go have a look at Stine A. They make super cute pieces of jewelry, of a good quality and it’s affordable ! I personally love the dots collection (Santa, if you hear me 😉 ) but again, pretty much everything is cute ! The only con, is that you’d have to google-translate your way through their online shop which is in danish, but after all, it’s worth it 😉

What have you put on your wish list ? Or what are you going to gift your loved ones ?
Take care,


Pictures by Hans Schlueter
Makeup by Amy