Outfit idea – Be classy in a jumpsuit

classy jumpsuit
Hello everyone !
If my new year’s resolution was to spend less money, then I can already forget about it ! I discovered this jumpsuit through a friend (Big up, Marlène :p) and I have to say that I’ve kinda been obsessed about it ever since. So here am I, ordering this little baby in a bright red 😀 Can’t wait to receive it and pair it with a black blazer, heels and a nice clutch !
That being said, my days have been relatively boring lately, and the weather is still super cold..which means : dry skin.. Oh how much I hate it ! But I got you covered : this body cream will save you ! It’s super duper nourishing and smells heavenly good because of the cherry blossoms and rice milk that’s in it !
I hope y’all have a nice weekend !
Take care
PS : There has been so many bad new lately..
I wished the world would be a more peaceful place.
My thoughts go to the victims of the « Charlie Hebdo » attack.

♪ « I’m gonna live like tomorrow doesn’t exist » ♪


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Pictures by : Hans Schlueter, Makeup by : Monique Mesquita

If you follow me on instagram, you’ve probably seen the following picture already, but I just wanted to introduce a few of my favorites ! Starting with this hand and body cream from Victoria’s Secret. The smell, guys, THE SMELL ! It got me addicted ^^ And besides it’s super moisturizing ! I tend to always be doing something on my phone when I’m walking outside, which leaves my hand quite dry after a day out, so a good hand cream is a must have for me !

photo 1-4

I recently got myself this lipstick from Dior called ‘Rouge Dior Baume’ which is basically what a lipstick and a lip balm would have if they made babies. Understand, nicely tinted and moisturizing, perfect for cold days, because chapped lips are a no-go !

And finally, a blush from Lancôme. I owned until now only a peach colored blush (which I love) but I’ve been looking for a pinkish and lighter blush for ages ! You know, that kind of blush that makes you look like you just came from a walk outside and it was a bit windy, something natural looking and now too overwhelming with its color. And I have to say, that one made me fall ‘in love’, as the packaging says 😉 I’ll upload pictures soon, stay tuned 🙂

What are your favorite products ?! 🙂

Take care,
xoxo, S.