New year, new me !


Hello everyone !

First, I apologize for having neglected you, wordpress world.. I was crazy busy with studying and then I went back home for 3 days, for Christmas, and right after that my Mister Perfect came to visit me for a week ! It’s been busy but it’s been great ! And that’s why I didn’t get much time to write here, I’m sorry !

That being said, I hope you all had great holidays, a great time with your family or loved ones for Christmas, and a happy new year !!

So while my Mister Perfect was in Budapest, once the mandatory visit to the Castle and to the baths was done, we kind of run out of ideas (so we went to Vienna, but that’s another story !). But there was one place that caught our eyes (or I should say, our stomachs) and it’s a japanese restaurant called TOKIO ! It’s a bit pricier than the normal hungarian restaurant you can find here, let’s be honest. But it’s by far the best japanese I’ve ever had here ! So if you ever come to Budapest, do me a favor and try this place out, and you HAVE to try the « Tokio Cheese Rolls » ! 😉

And that brings us to my next point : my new year resolutions ! Eat clean. It’s hard, sometimes, but I realized it’s so much better in every way : clear skin, healthy body (and mind) but most of all, self-confidence ! At least for me. I know people that are a bit chubbier and super self-confident, and that’s great, that’s how everyone should be : confident in their own body. But I know it’s not my case, I just can’t act like that.
But you know what ?! I believe we all can achieve what we want ! So stay strong and stay focused on your goal 🙂

How did you spend your holidays ? And did you take any resolutions ?
Take care,



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