What I was dreading the most happened : I managed to get sick already, and that’s possibly the worst timing for it. Oh well at least I now have a good reason to stay in bed and pamper myself right ? First on the list is : make tea, heaps of tea, to stay hydrated. (I’ve been loving Kusmi teas lately)
Number 2 is facial masks : I’ve got a bunch of sheet masks from Korea. Besides from supplying moisture to your skin, they have this cooling effect which is perfect for times like now, when your head hurts, your sinuses feel blocked and you overall feel like ‘Rudolf the red nosed deer’.
Also I’ve been craving for pho since I woke up, I mean, what’s better comfort food than hot soup with noodle and meat ?! (I wonder if they have pho delivery here ^^) And to top everything, I’ve ordered two lipsticks from that new MAC collaboration I wrote about, a few posts ago. And that makes me happy !
One thing I don’t like about living in Hungary is that you barely get anything interesting when it comes to fashion/beauty products. Let’s face it, a lot of the brands are american and for the few you actually get here, they’re a lot more expensive. And forget about special collections, you’ll never get to see them in Budapest. So with the help of this lovely and pretty lady and my Mister Perfect, I got one shipped to the US and one to Australia ^^ (talk about being international, uh !) Now I can’t wait to receive everything 🙂

That being said, I wish you a nice day !
Bundle up and be careful to not catch a cold like me 🙂

xoxo, S.




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