Fall is here now !

DSC_9265 - just landscape, not portrait

Over the last week or two, it’s gotten really cold here in Budapest. So what’s better than a nice and cosy outfit to fight this weather ?!

I recently bought a felt hat and I totally fell in love with it, so now, unless I’m going to the gym, I’m ‘the lady with the hat’. It just makes every outfit look chic and it keeps you warm, so it’s a win-win situation 😉
Tip : Although black looks very chic, choose a lighter color, like a grey or beige, which will match every outfit but will make you look less tired and will light up your look.


Other super cosy item : knits ! I bought this black&white sweater originally for a friend, but I have to say (if you read me, sorry BabyMo) that I couldn’t resist and I had to get it for myself too ! I had a hard time finding a sweater for myself  that’s not itchy, made out of a good fabric, won’t make you look like a potato-bag and won’t leave fluff everywhere. So I was super happy when I found this one, and black&white is always a safe combination of colors to go with !

Fall/Winter is the best time to get your darker lipsticks out (especially for me since I cut my hair shoulder-short, it fights the «I-just-turned-14» look !) and nail polishes (Chanel’s Lotus rouge is my all time favorite) ! I’ve been wearing my MAC lipstick in «Satin red A83» a lot lately and for a more plum-pinkish color the «Matt-erial girl» from Catrice (number 270)

There’s a collaboration between MAC and Prabal Gurung coming out at the end of the month. I got way too excited over it, but of course it won’t be sold in Hungary… You won’t have to hide anymore to touch up your makeup while being out, the products look like you just came out of Versailles’s castle ! I’ll definitely try to snatch some in Australia or Paris 😉

What has been your favorite item for fall ?
Stay warm & take care 🙂


DSC_9325 DSC_9328

Make up by :  Monique Mesquita and Pictures by : Zsofi S. Haack


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